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Irwin Electronics, LLC BBB Business Review

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Photo of Cheryl B.
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5.0 star rating

I asked a friend of mine if he knew of a computer person and he said sure do I would have him call you. Well it was David with Irwin Electronics. He was at my front door within an hour after returning his call.  I had many issues with my computer here. He went through my computer and fixed everything that needed for it to run safer and virus free. My computer has never run so smooth and fast in the nine years I have had it.  He did an incredible job and installing an anti virus that is safer then the one I had. I would highly recommend Irwin Electronics for your computer needs. You will not be disappointed. David is very dependable and very knowledgeable. The price was unbeatable and the service was excellent. He has excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. He even called me the next day and asked me if everything was running okay. No one has ever done that in the pass that has worked on my computer. Now that is a good company that you don't find these days. Anyway, he has a New Life-long customer and friend. Thanks again David, you did a great job never happier. Cheryl

Photo of Willard M.
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5.0 star rating

Have you ever found your self unemployed and needing to search for jobs on line or file for unemployment compensation on line and your PC stops working? 
What a nightmare. Not being a computer guy I did everything I new how to do to fix the problem but nothing worked, I was stuck. 
My brother in law David Brandon knows a lot more about computers then I do so he walked me threw some things I could try to fix the problems but none of them worked ether.
That's when he introduced me to David Irwin. After talking with David Irwin on the phone for a few minutes he knew exactly what needed to be done. He scheduled a time to come to my house to pick up my PC and said he would have it back in a day or two and that's what he did.
Now my PC works just like new again.
David Irwin hasn't found me a job but now that I have my computer back I have been able to send my resume out  to potential employers again and I have an interview on Friday.
I guess it's kinda like I needed to get to work and David put gas in my car so I could get there. Thank you David for your promptness and great costumer service.

Willard M

Photo of Hortense G.
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  • 1review
5.0 star rating

Irwin Electronics is outstanding.  My computer "was almost dead" when I contacted David.  To compound problems, my computer is old.  David brought it back to life.  David is very, very  professional and very, very  knowledgeable.  He is also kind, thoughtful and, most importantly, patient !!!!  He got to the heart of the problem(s) quickly and kept me informed of all progress and or issues that came up during the repair process.  My computer now performs better than when new.  I highly recommend Irwin Electronics.

Photo of Alex K.
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  • 1review
5.0 star rating

If you want your computer to perform better then new. David is the man. My computer was slow and had died, with a black screen. David recovered all my data, installed anti virus program. Now it is faster then the speed of light. David can tune your computer to maximum performance. I highly recommend Irwin Electronics. David is a professional. His service is above and beyond. Thank you again. 

Alex Kadar

Photo of Susanne H.
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  • 1review
5.0 star rating

I finally had to break down and have my laptop looked at, I knew there was something wrong with it. I found Irwin Electronic website and was very impressed 1st of all by the website. I was promptly called back after leaving a message. David came out to my home the next day and did a diagnostic on my laptop. He found that one of the memory cards was not functional and there were 15 viruses on it. He took the laptop to his shop and fixed it like new. Tuned it up and put an antivirus on it for me. He also made several great suggestions to me for added security. And all this and the price was in my budget! I really thought I may have to buy a new machine. So Kudos big time for Irwin Electronics. I would recommend them over and over!  Susanne H

Photo of Patra C.
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  • 2reviews
5.0 star rating
I am extremely picky about who works on my computers.  After three weeks of research and talking to several other repair services that did not satisfy my requirements, I finally settled on Irwin Electronics.  I was not disappointed.  I had a very complicated and time consuming issue with my laptop that was fixed completely and promptly.  Also, pricing was very fair.  If you are looking for an HONEST, extremely capable source for computer repair service, you have found it here!
Photo of Alvin H.
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  • 1review
5.0 star rating
If you're looking for customer service and customer satisfaction, Irwin Electronics is the place to go. When my laptop computer was infected with a nasty virus (one of those death viruses), I thought I was going to have to start looking for a new laptop. Irwin Electronics not only fixed my laptop, they went above and beyond. They got rid of the virus, my laptop was tuned-up, and an anti-virus program was installed, all at no additional charge. The work that was done was topnotch, the price was unbeatable, and the service is unmatched; I received my laptop back the next morning.  I have never had a more positive consumer experience than with Irwin Electronics, I highly recommend them.
New lifelong customer
Photo of D M.
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  • 5reviews
5.0 star rating
Fantastic!  David took a laptop with two Trojan viruses and had it up and running in no time.  Very reasonable rates and goes out of his way to get your product working better than when you first got it.

Other Reviews:

After a day out of the office, this evening I returned to finish my days work. As I attempted to log onto the Web, I could not get on. I attempted to diagnose the problem myself (with what limited knowledge I have) but was unsuccessful. I contacted my ISP company who ran me through several tests by phone, also with no positive outcome. I then contacted my security company and asked for their help by chance it was a virus issue. They also had me run a couple of diagnostics to no avail. By this time, it was a little after 7pm and I was tired,  frustrated and still needed to get my business reports completed.

Because David Irwin is a member of our BNI chapter, I called him, hoping that even at this evening hour he might be able to help me. After getting him on the phone, I  explained my problem. Had I been able to get on the internet with some other problem, he would have diagnosed my computer problem remotely but since I had no internet access, he agreed to come to my office. He was there with tools in hand in less than 30 minutes. Within less than one hour, he not only corrected my blocked internet and got me back on line, answered several computer questions I had but also loaded a free cleaning application that would prevent my [connection] problem from returning in the future.

I found David’s response time, detailed knowledge of computer repair and his service cost very professional and timely. I will certainly continue to use his service in the future and highly recommend him to any and all computer users.

-Norm R, Glendale, AZ.

David and I worked together at American Express. David is a top notch Information Technology professional. He is skilled in numerous technologies and implementations but always makes customer service a priority. It was a pleasure working with David!”

-Robert P, San Diego, CA.

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