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We Make Old Computers Run Like New!
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How we work:

We have software that allows us to remotely control your computer. We can diagnose and repair most issues over the phone. If you need hardware replacement, upgrades, or installs, we can come to you valley wide if you are in the Phoenix area.

Our initial diagnosis/consultation is always free. What we charge depends on the scope of work to be performed. Typically PC Repair and virus removal is charged at $100 per hour. We do limit the maximum charge to keep the rates reasonable. For example, if a virus has damaged the operating system requiring a complete re-image, the charge is $240 even though it may take 10 hours of work! We include a Windows tune-up with any service. This greatly improves the speed, stability, and security of your computer! We also include antivirus for free for all residential customers.

We checked the competition, and encourage you to do the same. The national chains, that drive around in nice branded vehicles, charge $200 - $300 just to LOOK at your computer! Their primary goal is to sell you a new computer. We are a green company, and do not believe in trashing good equipment! We make old computers run like new. 


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