Linda Cobb Dooling You do awesome work! So happy with everything you did to get our 3 computers running again. Thanks David!
So thrilled to have found an AWESOME computer repair person. It is so hard to find someone who will come out and take the time to do a thorough job on diagnosing a computer problem . Had David Irwin (recommended to me) from Irwin Electronics, LLC. He was fantastic. Fixed every issue I had on my computer (some I didn’t even know about!) and is now working on 2 more computers for me. He did mine right here in my office and took the others with him. If you need someone you can trust and rely on who has been in this business for years I suggest you call David Irwin at Irwin Electronics. 480.382.4761. Tell him you heard it from the Queen!

-L Cobb, Phoenix AZ.

After a day out of the office, this evening I returned to finish my days work. As I attempted to log onto the Web, I could not get on. I attempted to diagnose the problem myself (with what limited knowledge I have) but was unsuccessful. I contacted my ISP company who ran me through several tests by phone, also with no positive outcome. I then contacted my security company and asked for their help by chance it was a virus issue. They also had me run a couple of diagnostics to no avail. By this time, it was a little after 7pm and I was tired,  frustrated and still needed to get my business reports completed.

Because David Irwin is a member of our BNI chapter, I called him, hoping that even at this evening hour he might be able to help me. After getting him on the phone, I  explained my problem. Had I been able to get on the internet with some other problem, he would have diagnosed my computer problem remotely but since I had no internet access, he agreed to come to my office. He was there with tools in hand in less than 30 minutes. Within less than one hour, he not only corrected my blocked internet and got me back on line, answered several computer questions I had but also loaded a free cleaning application that would prevent my [connection] problem from returning in the future.

I found David’s response time, detailed knowledge of computer repair and his service cost very professional and timely. I will certainly continue to use his service in the future and highly recommend him to any and all computer users.

-Norm R, Glendale, AZ.


David and I worked together at American Express. David is a top notch Information Technology professional. He is skilled in numerous technologies and implementations but always makes customer service a priority. It was a pleasure working with David!”

-Robert P, San Diego, CA.

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