We Do Windows

If you’ve been following my Blog posts below, you can see Irwin Electronics does much more than just computer repair. Virus and malware removal is still our bread and butter. As long as Microsoft keeps pushing Windows, and people buy it. There will always be a market to keep it clean. Sure, Microsoft offers their own Windows Defender now. PC Magazine says Lab Results Improving, but… AV-Test.org is the world’s leading authority on Antivirus/Antimalware protection. Their results are about the same. Something is better than nothing, but there are much better products available, at no cost! Of course if you were to ditch Microsoft and go to Linux Mint, you’d never have to worry about it again.

What about Mac? Although much less prevalent than Windows, OSx does have malware. Apple makes a fine product. It’s easy to use, powerful, and much more stable than Windows. However, their products are pricey. You can install Linux on most any Windows PC for free. I know, I know, I always seem to go back to Linux. That’s because it’s all I run now. I’m a Microsoft Certified System Engineer, and I hate Microsoft. I’ve found something that is so much better on every level, and few people know about it. But once I convert a customer to Linux, I rarely hear from them again. It just works, and that means no more paycheck for me. With that in mind, forget everything I said! Stick with Windows, and call me when you have trouble. (480) 382-4761. I’ll be happy to help!

Speaking of Windows are you still on Windows 7? Were you afraid to migrate to Windows 10? The latest version of Windows is arguably the best Windows yet. It is much faster, and more secure. I’ll use that term loosely. As long as Microsoft continues to support legacy software, Windows will never be secure. You know you missed the free upgrade to Windows 10, but you CAN still get it for free as long as you have a Windows 7 or 8 license. You just can’t “upgrade”. It has to be a clean install. We can do this for you. For $200 we can back up your data, install Windows 10 with all the updates and latest drivers. We will restore all your data, and install other necessary software. Did you know we can make Windows 10 look and feel just like Windows 7? Yes, that’s included in that $200 special. Yes, we also include the upgraded anti-virus. Yes, we include a free Office Suite. Our New Windows 10 Setup is included, and that gives you pretty much everything you need right out of the box. We have a full checklist of software we install, and no, none of it is trialware. You will not be asked to upgrade. And in case you’re wondering, none of it is illegal or pirated software either. Sorry, we do not do that. If you’re looking for hacked software, you’re looking for trouble. Not only from the authorities, but you’re opening yourself up to Trojans. We believe in Open Source Software. Much of the Open Source products today rival or exceed their commercial counterparts. They’re faster, more stable, and much more secure. If you already have Windows 10, and just want us to install our recommended software to speed up, protect your PC, and make it more functional, we can do that for $150. Is a new PC on your Christmas list? You can spend a week installing software, hope you get everything right, and still not get everything we recommend. Hire a professional and we’ll have that new PC running circles around anything else off the shelf in just a few hours.

Wait. What’s this about speed? Windows is designed to run in a corporate and home environment. There are services running to communicate with Domain Controllers, Kerberos Authentication Servers, etc.. On a home computer, you don’t need that. Buy turning these services off, it makes the PC faster. Fewer services running also means a smaller attack signature, so it’s more secure. The less you have running, the less chance of something failing, so that makes it more stable too. Plus, our software tunes Windows to the hardware, improving performance by up to 300%! This is all included in our $150 New Windows 10 Setup Service. We make old computers run like new, and new computers run better than ever!

Speaking of a new computer for Christmas, have you ever considered custom built?

That’s our next blog post! See you soon!