Why “I” Do What I Do, by David Irwin

I have been working on computers for over 30 years as a hobby, and professionally. My ability to tune personal computers is what landed me a job in the Information Technologies department at American Express, where I worked for 12 years. As my career progressed, I moved away from the end user/desktop support into servers. My last job was supporting about three thousand servers for a local bank. It was myself and one other guy working all night from 6 PM to 6 AM. We worked very hard, it was extremely busy at times, and very high pressure. For all this work, there was absolutely no positive recognition. Management believed that you were expected to “do your job, and do it well.” When someone went above and beyond, there was no “great job”. That was simply as expected. When the users came to work in the morning, they simply expected everything to be up and running, as they should. They really had no idea how much work we were performing all night to make sure that was the case. When I worked on desktops, I was everyone’s best friend. I was automatically invited to every potluck. Everyone knew me and loved me. I’ve been told I’m unlike any other IT guy they ever knew. Some people called me Professor, because of my advanced computer training and knowledge. Others have said I’m more personable and friendly than any other IT guy. I really miss that. I love helping people. I guess I’m much more of a people person than I realized. I enjoy giving personal service to my customers. Every customer becomes a friend. I’m not going to get rich doing this job, and that’s not my goal. I believe in outstanding customer service with very low prices. I believe in giving my customers options based on expert recommendations. I guarantee that I can make virtually any Windows-based computer run better than it did the day you bought it. The cost to do that varies; based on the problem of course, and is not always advisable. There are many times I have to turn work down because the cost to repair would not be justifiable. I hate to do that! I have had customers tell me they appreciate my honesty. In most cases however, I will do everything possible to keep the cost to you as low as I can. I personally guarantee you will be extremely happy with my work. I DO take it personally! If there is ever something you’re not happy with, please tell me so I can make it right. I started this company on the principles of honest, reliable, expert service at reasonable prices. That’s my passion and my promise!