WHY We Do What We Do

At Irwin Electronics, our passion is end user support. We believe people should not need a new computer due to a software problem! We believe we can make your old computer perform like new. We understand the financial hardships people are struggling with today. We can’t believe Computer Stores, and even some smaller tech companies charge such exorbitant rates! We believe that if we provide the best service, at the lowest prices, we will have enough volume to cover our costs. We believe that our customers will be so pleased with the service we provide, and the rates we charge, they will tell all their friends, family, and neighbors about us. We are confident we can help you with your computer problems. We love the satisfaction we get when we solve someone’s computer problem. Whether you have a laptop that will not connect to the Internet, a desktop that will not boot, or a nasty virus has infected your system, we employ the latest tools to diagnose and fix your problem. When a customer calls us, upset, because they cannot access their business e-mail, or keep in touch with their grandkids via Facebook, we know that within a few hours they will be happy, excited, and relieved. We offer some of the lowest prices in the industry. We encourage you to shop around and compare our rates. Low prices do not translate to poor service. We could easily charge much more. We have over 20 years of experience. We are Microsoft and CompTIA A+ certified. We are very professional. After years of servicing thousands of servers for corporate clients we are a little tired of working silently in the background with little to no recognition. All our customers knew was that everything was working when they came to work. They had no idea that we were working all night applying patches and fixing issues before they became problems. When you call us, you know something is wrong. If you’re in Phoenix, Peoria, Sun City, or Scottsdale, we will come to you, usually within 30 minutes. You will see how hard we work to resolve your issue, and usually see immediate results. You will also find your computer is much faster! We are experts at cleaning and optimizing Windows. We hate to see someone discard a perfectly good computer because of a software problem. Many people think they will need a new computer because their old one is simply running too slow. People also fall prey to big computer stores telling them they need the latest and greatest new computer just to keep up, when all they do is surf the Internet. If you access your email online, such as Gmail or Yahoo, you’re still surfing the net. With Google Docs and Windows Live you can even create and edit Office documents online. It takes very little processing power to run a web browser. We want to save you money! To give you an example, this blog, and our entire website, was created using an old $300 entry level laptop. We even have a gallery site with family pictures online all created on this same laptop. If you’re not playing the latest games, editing movies, or performing complex mathematical calculations in large spreadsheets, you do not need the latest computer. Please call us before buying a new computer to see if we can help you. We do not stock computers and peripherals for sale, but we do have accounts with multiple distributers. To give you another example, a customer of ours was experiencing difficulty connecting to the Internet. Their Internet Service Provider told them they had a bad router, so they spent nearly $200 at Best Buy on a new one. They called us for assistance installing and configuring it. We told them we could get a router that does the same thing for $50 and perform the installation/configuration for $70. We then had them run a couple simple tests that their provider should have done. We were able to determine in one simple phone call that the router was NOT the problem. They were able to return it for a full refund. We only wish they would have called us first. We could have saved them time and money. We want to do the same for you! We know gas is expensive, we understand millions of Americans are unemployed. We see seniors spending their life savings on medical bills. The last thing you need is to spend money on a new computer because a computer store told you so. Call Irwin Electronics at 480-382-4761 first. Let us help you decide if you need a new computer, and how much you really need to spend. With our years of experience and training, we can some pretty amazing things with the equipment you already have.