TV Show Q and A

We just gave a little Question and Answer session for an upcoming television interview and thought we’d share it with you!

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Q: Why is anti-virus software important?

A: Kaspersky Labs reports that they process 125,000 new malware samples every day. Viruses can be installed by simply clicking a link on a website. Once infected, they can take control of your computer, log your ID’s and Passwords to steal your identity, erase your files, use your computer as an attacker to take down websites, or even kill your computer!


Q: How difficult is it to tell if you are infected?

A: You may not notice anything at all! The most common symptoms are a slow computer, pop-up ads, or no Internet access. However, if it’s your bank account they’re after, you may not see anything. Some viruses actually install themselves as part of the operating system itself so they can hide their files and registry entries. They also block any attempt to remove them, and can even disable your antivirus software.


Q: Isn’t antivirus software expensive? And how do I know what’s the best one?

A: The second half of that is a great question. Yes, there are hundreds of antivirus programs available in all price ranges. Only a handful are actually GOOD! There are independent labs that test antivirus software and assign ratings. What’s best for you is really determined by your need. At Irwin Electronics, this is a major part of our business. Everyone will be affected by a virus or malware at some point, even if you’re protected! We read the reviews regularly to stay abreast of what’s best. If you’re a home user, there are several FREE options that are very good, provided they’re properly installed and configured!


Q: Do you have any specials?

A: Of course! We are always running specials and discounts, on top of our low rates! We offer free diagnostics, and are running a special for your residential viewers- a free antivirus install! We will evaluate your current software, and if necessary, uninstall it, install new software, and configure it- all at no charge.


Q: Why would you do all that for free?

A: We want to earn your business. We know that you will be extremely satisfied with our work, and the next time you have any computer problems, we will be the first company you call. At this point nearly all of our business comes from referrals. We want to make sure you’re satisfied, so you will tell your friends and family what a great job we did.


Q: Is antivirus all you do?

A: Not at all. It is the most prevalent problem, so we have become experts at it! We also handle upgrades, hardware/software installs, and peripheral support. If you need a new router, or want to connect several computers to the Internet, we can help! Our motto is, “We make old computers run like new!” We have special software to tune up your computer. For example, many people are still running Windows XP. Did you know that Windows XP was made for 512 MB of RAM? Most people have much more memory installed in their computers now, but XP does not tune itself to fully utilize it! We can do that for you.


Q: Do you sell computers and peripherals?

A: Sort of. We do not stock equipment for sale, but we do have accounts with multiple distributors. We need these to replace faulty components, like bad memory chips and hard drives. We can utilize that buying power to get GREAT deals on new equipment! If you’re in the market for something new, it wouldn’t hurt to call us and see what we can offer.

I’ll give you another example: One of our previous customers called to have us install a new router. He was having Internet trouble, and Cox determined it was a bad router. He purchased a new one at Best Buy for about $200. I told him to take it back! I could get a new one that does everything his $200 router does for $50, and with a $75 install fee, he’d still be saving money. On that same phone call, I walked him through a few simple tests that proved his router was NOT the problem. I’m not sure why Cox didn’t do that, but we were able to determine the problem was on their end. He called Cox back and explained what he did. They agreed and found the problem was indeed on their end. They were able to resolve the issue, and it didn’t cost him anything. This was covered in our free diagnostics, so it never hurts to call us first. (As a show of his gratitude, he did buy me lunch, that works!)

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I’ve been doing professionally for about 23 years, and as a hobby for nearly 30! I’m not a young guy just out of school. I’ve seen and done just about everything with computers. I’m confident I can answer all your questions. I am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. I also hold certifications from Novell and CompTia A+. I’m even an experienced Computer Forensic Examiner. I’ve worked for Fortune 100 companies like American Express, IBM, and Genworth Financial. I am a true, seasoned professional, and I love to share my experiences and knowledge.

You can reach us by phone at (480) 382-4796 Monday through Friday 9 AM to 7:30 PM, Saturday 10 AM to 2 PM, and Sunday Noon to 7:30 PM Mountain Standard Time.